5 Color Combinations for Exterior Wall Paints

5 Color Combinations for Exterior Wall Paints

The exterior wall paint is the first impression for anyone who enters your house. The interiors are the reflections of your private life, but the exteriors are a mirroring of how you want to present yourself to the world.

The easiest way to glam up your exterior appearance of your homes is to select a well-coordinated exterior paint which is aesthetically soothing as well.

Some of the points one should keep in mind while selecting a wall paint are:

  • Although it’s your house, you must keep in mind the color of houses in your surrounding and select something in a similar tone or hue. Your house paint should appeal harmonious to your surroundings like the roads, trees or any other fixtures. An odd colored paint will bring your house notice for all the wrong reasons
  • Before selecting a color palette for exterior wall paints, one must also look for its coordination with exterior settings like gardens, landscapes, roof material and fixtures.
  • The climate in your city should also be considered while selecting an exterior paint color. A place which is under constant exposure to extreme sunlight dark colors should be considered as it gets faded. On thecontrary, in a cold place one can put all white exterior paint as well.
  • Some homes have a history, if you want to maintain its essence then you must go for traditional colors that complement the history of the house.
  • Exterior paint is not just a single color, it is an amalgamation of various color palettes together. One must select these colors together with a base color and accent shades for certain areas in reference to the bases shade.

These important points will definitely help you choose and widen up your horizon of thoughts regarding the same. Here are some color combinations we suggest you to look upon before painting your exterior walls.


Browns are considered one of the most suitable color combinations for Indian homes. Browns are sophisticated, elegant and gives rustic feels. Various shades of browns can be applied in base and accent areas such as doors window frames and give an all over look.


Neutrals can be a choice for those people who like it simple and classic. This color palette is timeless and serene. Shades of beige, off whites, neutral grey etc. can be a good choice for exterior wall paint. This color combination will bring out the texture of other elements involved in the house exterior.


If you love tropical yellows you cannot miss out on this bright and fresh color palette. Yellow goes with almost all colors so you can put this as a base and put up different shades of warm colors complementing them on borders, rooms or window frames.


Putting up bold colors for exterior walls is a tricky affair, however we have come up with this bold red color as a base with neutral accents like white and muted grey. Don’t combine bold base color red with other bright colors to make it look flashy.


Nothing can look more alluring than the shades given by mother nature. A combination of natural deep green with teak brown or a combination of ocean blue and deep grey will make your house a serene paradise. These shades give a soothing feel and make you feel to be close to nature.


We hope you got a fair idea of exterior paint trends and can paint up your house in attractive color combinations. At Ruprang, we have a wide range of color palette in our catalogue.

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