10 Painting Ideas For Your Interiors

10 Painting Ideas For Your Interiors

Colours are the spine of the interior designing that transforms our house, instantly. Everyone at some point or another tired redesign our home. The biggest riddle to solve is to choose the perfect colour for your house. It is quite a task as you need to decide s colour for every room that compliments the rest of the elements in the room. 

Every wall in our house is like a blank canvas and there are numerous colours that can give a beautiful look to your house. Therefore, it is really important to research and look around to find the best colours shades as per your taste. 

This is why we have narrowed down the best colour shades that will give the walls of your house an eye-catching look.       

Dark Greens   

If your house has a muted and moody feels then this dark green colour will give you a feeling of lush botanicals. It will set a strong and refreshing tone in your house. The dark green shades are best for well-lit and large rooms. On the contrary, it can overpower small rooms and can make them look darker. 

Hazelnut Shades 

The creamy shades of hazelnut paint colours give a warm and inviting look to your house. These shades totally compliment every kind of furniture and give comforting hues. The hazelnut shades also make the room brighter as they catch more light.      

Muted Pastels

Imprinting petals on basic muted and chalky tone will give a soothing appeal to your wall. This kind of paint colours is perfect for common areas, bathrooms, and kitchen. It will go with marbles or tiles of complimentary tone and make look more arresting.    

Lilac Gray

Even though dove grey was a popular choice but now the lac shade gives it a competition. It is one of the alternatives for a stark neutral and a modern paint colour. The colour will give a warmer and cherry hues. Among the shades of grey, the lilac tones are more delightful feel. 


The shade obtained by blending grey and beige will give your house a lavish look. It is best if you like to adorn paintings with warm shades. It is ideal for every room and works best with conventional furniture.    


If you are looking for a rich focal pop of colour and want to give your room a smart look then the mustard colour is an ideal choice. If your home has a lot of artefacts and painting then mustard will proactively highlight them.        

New Blue

The new shades in blue such as charcoal, grey-blue, pale powder blue might look every common and subtle but still, will take over the room. New blues gives you an opportunity to experiment and gives a soothing vibe.      


With a vibe of the 70s era, the mushroom colour has a rusty look. This gives the house a unique timeless in appeal. There is a newfound appreciation for this colour as it gives a neutral vibe to the house.   

Soft Clay

If you want to evoke the zesty hues for your house, which will satisfy the wanderlust in you. The combination of shades of beiges and browns to experience a sunny and casual elegance. The colours will elevate your mood immediately. 


Mist is the new popular colour that is a blend of three colours pastel blue, green, with a gray undertone. It is a novel shade from the monotones off-white, white and cream colours. It gives a neutral vibe and enhances the elegance of wooden furniture.


No matter what kind of space you own and what aesthetics you are looking for your one-stop solution to paint colours can be Ruprung. They have an extensive range of splendid colours and a conventional colour schemes. 

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